Fiber Arts at Mena Art Gallery

One of the many types of art supported by your local gallery is that created in fiber: spinning, knitting, crochet, and whatever other way art can be created from any sort of fiber.

A group of fiber artists meets at the gallery each Saturday from about noon to 3 pm with people coming and going as their time and interests allow. These are not formal classes, but it seems that, whatever problem one of the members may be encountering, there is someone else there who can solve it, or at least come up with a way to find the solution.
And, of course, in and around the fine craft work, there is always a lot of conversation with friendly people. This group also helps the gallery by being the “Gallery Attendant” for the day: welcoming visitors and answering their questions.

If you are interested in the fiber arts, no matter what your skill level, you would be welcome to join the group whenever your schedule permits.

This group is also sponsoring one of the gallery’s monthly exhibits during the month of July, 2018. Our Fiber Arts Show will have hand-crafted creations from a wide variety of fiber. All fiber arts are welcome: knitting, crocheting, twining, weaving, quilting, embroidery, sewing, macrame, lacemaking, rug hooking, felting, flocking, cross stitch and more. Entries must be brought to the gallery (607 Mena Street) between 10 am and 4 pm on Tuesday, June 26.

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