Mena Art Gallery is Working with the “Cash Mob”

The “Cash Mob” is a creation of Mena’s Downtown Partners, a group of merchants in the Mena Arts District who are working to help Mena grow.

They (approximately 10 to 15 ladies) meet at 10 am the second Saturday of each month for coffee and snacks, a couple of planned activities, and to draw the name of the store to be mobbed. They then conspicuously parade down Mena Street with music and balloons to the store chosen for the month to spend $20 each. They met at the gallery this past Saturday.

Our gallery is in the hat and will be drawn at some point as the “target of the month.” If you are interested in joining the fun, you can pick up information at the gallery (607 Mena Street) about when and where the Mob will meet in February. It’s a great way to meet new people, find out more about what Mena has to offer in the shopping department, and have a good time while helping to support our local merchants.
And the end result of all this will be a healthier economy for your home town and a growing, thriving arts district.

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