Volunteer Spotlight: Missy Williams

Missy Williams loves to knit and loves to help others find as much joy in “tangling up yarn” as she does. She volunteers at Mena Art Gallery each Saturday afternoon to lead the Fiber Arts group: several people who are enthusiastic about the various kinds of art that can be made from fiber.

There are a few who like to spin, creating beautiful yarn from the fleece of sheep, llamas, alpacas, and goats to name just a few of the types of yarn that can be produced using local animals.

One or two others enjoy crochet; some prefer embroidery; others like to dabble in a variety of fiber arts; and of course there are several other knitters.

As Mena Art Gallery is a non-profit organization, it is primarily staffed by volunteers. There is one part-time employee, Julie Vande Zande, the Executive Director. But Missy and her crew make sure that the gallery is open for everyone to come in and enjoy the art on display each Saturday afternoon from noon until 3:00 pm.

Missy started volunteering at the gallery in order to start the fiber arts group. She particularly likes having an opportunity to visit with the people coming in and learning things from them about the area. She and her husband (who is a manager for Walmart) lived in Mena for a couple of years about 10 years ago. They are back for a second stint with the local Walmart.

Her plans for the Fiber Arts Group include possibly doing a Fiber Arts exhibit at the gallery in 2018. In the meantime, she is willing to help anyone interested in knitting, and does a great job of that.

Missy says, “I want this to be a place where people can come together, learn from each other, and have fun and make new friends in the process.” The group is open to anyone interested in these things. If you would like to learn more about fiber arts or the group, just show up at the gallery on Saturday afternoons from noon to 3 pm.

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